What is the FQ Academy U9 – U12 Program

The FQ Academy Program is is a key component of Football Federation Australia’s national curriculum and  provides a clear, professionally delivered development opportunity for talented young footballers in QLD which underpins the NPL/FQPL QLD Men’s and Women’s competitions. This program replaces the Skills Acquisition Program (SAP).

The FQA is designed to perfect and accelerate the skill development of identified players between the critical ages of 9 to 12 (Boys & Girls). This is the age group universally acknowledged to be the optimal mental and physical phase in which children are able to learn motor skills.

The FQA’s aim is to provide the necessary technical ‘tools’ to be able to play the game at the highest possible level with a focus on functional game skills, with an immediate skills transfer into positioning and small-sided games being an absolute requirement.

Southside Eagles is one of  clubs who have been given a licence to participate in the Boys FQ Academy Program. The clubs U9 – U12 teams will three time a week and play weekly games against other FQ Academy clubs as well as particpate in Multiclub Miniseries games and State Carnivals.

Trials for the FQ Academy teams will take place in October/November. Further trials might take place late January/early February

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