In what promises to be an exciting week of major announcements, Southside Eagles are pleased to announce the appointment of David Minnis as Technical Director for 2021.
Having worked for Football Brisbane and operated at some of the biggest clubs in Queensland, David is incredibly well respected in football circles.
David will bring with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the coach education space and will drive the club development programs over the coming years.

What does this mean for our club?

David will drive the coach education at our club to a whole new level.

With the unprecedented growth of football across Australia there is a huge shortage of skilled/accredited coaches in Brisbane. We are often asked by parents how they can get a “qualified/experienced” coach to coach their child’s divisional team to ensure they have the potential to continue to develop every year. The short answer is that accredited coaches generally want to coach at the highest level of amateur football they can, this makes it very difficult to attract them to divisional teams.

Southside Eagles mission is to create more of our own “home grown” accredited coaches across the divisional level and to do this we will approach it from two angles. Firstly we have and will continue to invest funds into getting our coaches onto coaching courses to help them gain the knowledge from professional coaches that they can then bring back to the club, and secondly our new club Technical director will invest time in coach education courses at the club and also by analyzing coaches sessions to provide feedback and advice to help coaches improve.

You may not be aware but our club has put upwards of 15 coaches through Football QLD accreditation courses over the last 3 years and we will continue to do so in an effort to continue to improve the level of coaching and development at the club.

How can you help?

You can help by getting involved in coaching. The more mums and dads we have coaching the better. Mums and dad coaches are passionate about their kids development and invested in their children. You DO NOT NEED FOOTBALL experience to be a coach! You need a willingness to learn and you need to be able to communicate with players, if you have these skills, we can teach you about football.

If you are lucky enough to already have a committed mum/dad coach in your child’s gecko/divisional/u6/7/8  team, encourage them to speak to the club about increasing their knowledge base and perhaps undertaking one of the many courses available. Even professional coaches start out as mums/dads who wanted to coach their kids, so dont let anything stop you.

As always we are striving to improve the experience for everyone at the club across all ages and all levels, we can only do so with a bit of drive and direction from experienced people like David and the committee, but we also need the help of our fantastic members.

If you would like more information on coach education please register your interest in the link HERE.