Playing Elite level football is a commitment by the entire family and is a commitment that affects every aspect of school and home life. Elite level football is not “community/social football” and the work rate at training combined with the time pressure to manage school/work/football is vastly greater than community football. If the commitment to elite level football seems too great, our advice would be to join one of our many community-based teams in the Divisional competition.

Before accepting any position in an elite level football team, the players and parents must be 100% confident and 100% committed to the additional work load that will commence in January and finish in late September.

Given the limited places on the team and the desire of many players to be included on the team, any failure to comply with Elite level football expectations will result in sanctions by the club, ranging from reduced game time, through to loss of a player’s position on the team, and this decision will be totally at the coach’s discretion.

Players represent their club and their family, and are expected to project a respectful, exemplary standard of behavior both at football and in the general public.

Training (including pre-season).

  • Players are expected to arrive 10 minutes prior to commencement and be ready to train.
  • Players are expected at every training session including pre-season and regular season.
  • Players are expected to manage their time adequately to ensure that school/friends/homework commitments do not impact football training and vice versa.
  • Players are expected to notify coaches well in advance of any planned absences to training sessions or games. (holidays/weddings/Functions etc)
  • Players are expected to be committed to training to the best of their ability and with intensity at all times.
  • Players are expected to be committed to maintaining general health and fitness to maintain peak performance.
  • Players are expected to be committed to the team and to ensure team harmony is maintained through their actions and behavior.